We are consistently impressed with graduates of Palace which is why it’s become one of the first places we go when we are looking to recruit new talent. Cruz, Carol and the entire program work extremely hard to have the highest standards and level of learning and it shows in the skill level and professionalism of their students.
-Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Founder of Olive & June

I am incredibly grateful for the volunteerism from the students and supervisors from Palace Beauty College! This year, Hillsides Family Resource Centers, Echo Park held its first annual Mother’s Day Makeover Gala. It had been a dream of mine to be able to provide a day of pampering for the mothers we work with. Our mothers work incredibly hard to raise their children, make ends meet, and fight daily to beat the odds stacked against them. Many of them have no idea what its like to have an afternoon to themselves, let alone getting their hair or makeup done by a professional.
Enter the amazing Palace Beauty College students! Your volunteer students were professional, friendly, and kind. They all showed their generosity of spirit that more than matched their generosity of time and skill. The students did much more than hair and makeup – they connected with the mothers who attended and made sure that this experience was everything it should have been. I was impressed that many of the students were open to embracing this experience and allowing it to move them at a very personal level. And I was utterly humbled when your students thanked me for the opportunity. They not only showed themselves to be promising stylists, they proved themselves to be excellent human beings.
I couldn’t help but notice that many of the moms left the event standing up straighter, heads held higher, and looking ready to conquer. I heard several of them say that they had never had the opportunity to get their hair done before, and I heard several more making plans for the evening because they just looked too good to sit at home! Your students made a very real impact on these mothers’ lives – they showed the moms that they are worth the attention, they should be celebrated for everything they do for their families, and they all have beauty to show the world. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Amy Cousineau, PhD, Director, Hillsides Family Resource Centers, Echo Park

Palace Beauty School has one of the most professional systems in place for manicure technicians. We hired their entire graduating class and the girls are amazing. They are creative, hardworking and very passionate about nails. They are well skilled on all nail art techniques, acrylics, prepping and polishing of the nail, rules, regulations and very much by the book. They also acquired great client management skills from their training at Palace. I highly recommend Palace Beauty School graduates.
-Mariana Stanciu/ Enamel Diction

Thank you so much for coordinating your student hair stylist for our fashion show. The students were professional, courteous, and punctual. All the models loved the hair styles. I was really impressed with their abilities. I hope we can use their expertise next year.
Thanks again!
– Korina Welch/ National Charity League

Tank you SO much to all of the students at Palace Beauty College who volunteered their time and skills at our Speak Up When You’re Down Family Festival! All students were a pleasure to work with. They showed up on time and with all the supplies necessary to provide free manicures. They certainly made the moms in our community feel pampered. We are so appreciative – thank you again!
Very best wishes,
– Kelly O’Connor Kay, Development Manager, Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force

working Dreams was profoundly grateful to have emerging beauty professionals from Palace Beauty College participate in our 2014 Prom Basket Giveaway event where we made the dreams of young women in foster care come true. Thanks to the support of your students we didn’t just give away dresses, we helped young ladies bring inner beauty out front and center stage.
Sincerest Gratitude
– Danna Kiel/Project Manager/Working Dreams

Dear Palace Beauty College:
The VA Long Beach Healthcare System, on behalf of the behalf of the hospitalized Veterans and staff, would like to extend its appreciation to the students and future professional at Palace Beauty College for providing complimentary haircuts and manicures for Veterans on October 8, 2014, at our Patient Centered Care Event.
The Veterans enjoyed socializing with members of your organization as well as the time they invested to make this event a success. They have helped brighten the lives and boosted the spirits of many hospitalized Veterans at the Medical Center. Without support from organizations, the Medical Center would not have been able to provide that special touch shown to these Veterans while away from family and friends.
Once again, our sincere thanks to you for your support, interest, and concern in the welfare of our hospitalized Veterans and your hard work and commitment in supporting activities and programs that benefit our nation’s Veterans. Please accept our gratitude to you for making this event possible.
Sincerely yours,
– Cherise L. Wallace/ VA Long Beach Healthcare System Representative