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We Tried Dior Baby Bonne Étoile Scented Water – Here’s Our Review

Dior surprised many by launching Baby Bonne Étoile scented water for babies and young children in 2023.

It caused many uncertainties about whether this product is safe for kids, who are the end recipients.

While caution is always advised, going overboard is not recommendable.

To avoid all uncertainties, we’ve tested this product so you don’t have to.

Dior Baby Bonne Étoile Scented Water infographic

What’s Our Take?

Dior Baby Bonne Étoile

I purchased Dior Baby Bonne Étoile for my sister’s daughter as a gift, and my sister thinks the world of it.

Upon first spritz, the scent of green pear gently unfurls, capturing a fresh and slightly dewy essence that feels like the first breath of spring. The base of white musk is where “Bonne Étoile Baby Dior” really finds its footing.

The musk is comforting, wrapping around the floral and fruity notes like a soft blanket. It’s this combination that makes the fragrance feel so nurturing and intimate, almost like it’s a protective embrace. As the fragrance settles, the wild rose emerges—soft and subtly floral, it doesn’t overpower but rather complements the freshness of the pear.

This middle note adds a touch of romantic nostalgia, reminiscent of a serene walk through a blooming garden early in the morning. The pastel-colored bottle, adorned with a dreamy garden and hot air balloons, is just as delightful as the fragrance itself. It not only serves as a beautiful decoration on my vanity but also brings a smile every time I reach for it.

This scent is truly a personal treasure, reflecting a serene and joyful spirit.

Product Description and Features

Product Description and Features

Baby Dior’s recent launch, the Bonne Étoile Baby Dior, is a luxurious addition to the childcare market with its fragrance designed specifically for infants and young children.

This eau de senteur, priced at a premium US$230, is presented in a 100ml bottle available in pastel pink or green, reflecting the innocence and whimsy of childhood.

The main characteristics:

  • Fragrance Notes: The scent opens with crisp green pear, evolves into a floral heart of wild rose, and settles into a soothing base of white musk.
  • Alcohol-Free: Suitable for baby’s sensitive skin, this fragrance is alcohol-free, ensuring a gentle experience.
  • Natural-Origin Ingredients: Comprised of 98% natural-origin ingredients, it aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious products in luxury markets.
  • Packaging: The bottles feature a magical garden and hot air balloons, drawing inspiration from the fairytale-like flora and fauna designs that hark back to Christian Dior’s own childhood home in Granville.
  • Personalization: Each bottle can be personalized with a colored ribbon, adding a touch of individuality and making it a potential keepsake item.

Co-created by Francis Kurkdjian, Dior’s Perfume Creative Director, and Cordélia de Castellane, Artistic Director of Baby Dior, the fragrance evokes tender and joyful childhood moments.

Kurkdjian’s intent to bypass traditional infant scents like orange blossom for a more nuanced palette further sets this fragrance apart, making it a standout product in Baby Dior’s skincare collection.

The Market Reception

Since its introduction, the Bonne Étoile Baby Dior has elicited mixed reactions, reflecting a broader discourse on the appropriateness and necessity of luxury items for infants.

Priced significantly higher than many popular adult fragrances, including Dior’s own Sauvage, this product has sparked debates over the utility and value of such an extravagant item for babies.

Customer feedback varies widely, with some parents appreciating the gentle, alcohol-free formula and the delightful scent profile, seeing it as a luxurious treat for their children. Others, however, question the practicality of perfuming infants, especially considering scientific findings that suggest a baby’s natural scent plays a crucial role in mother-infant bonding.

Opinions on various platforms show considerable skepticism, with many users debating whether the concept of baby perfume will gain traction. Furthermore, the comparison to more affordable options, like Bulgari’s ‘Petits et Mamans eau de toilette‘, priced at £46 for a 40ml bottle, highlights the significant price disparity in the market.

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