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What’s the Hype Around Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler Complete?

The Dyson Airwrap is getting a lot of attention. It says it can do your hair like a salon, even at home. And for $600, it better!

That’s a lot of money, so you want to know – does it really work? In this review, I tried the Airwrap myself. I’ll tell you everything – what it can do, what I thought of it, and if that big price is worth it.

Dyson Airwrap infographic

First Impressions

Dyson Airwrap

Right away you could see they put a lot of thought into it. It came with different pieces to use – each one for a different hairstyle. Just looking at all the pieces, I could tell it was meant for all kinds of hair.

And it was way lighter than I expected for getting the job done. That meant I wouldn’t get tired of holding it up while doing my hair.

Attaching the different pieces was a breeze – they just clicked right on. No fumbling to get them lined up. That’s important when you’re in a hurry!

I could tell this thing had a lot of options. It seemed like it could do the job of a bunch of different tools, just by switching out the pieces. That got me excited to try it out and see what it could do.

And Now, It’s Testing Time

I was surprised at how well it smoothed my hair without any frizz. The low heat setting worked great too – it got the job done without feeling too hot on my hair.

For the curling barrels, I thought the two different size options were a nice touch. That way you can choose tighter or looser curls depending on the look you want. I also liked that the curling barrels let me flip the airflow with just a button, so I didn’t need to swap attachments to switch between inward and outward curls. That saved some time for sure.

After that, I gave the round brush and smoothing brushes a try. The round brush really increased the volume at my roots, which was neat if you want more of a styled look. And the smoothing brushes left my hair feeling very silky and shiny.

No matter which attachment I used on the Airwrap, the results seemed very professional. My hair looked neatly styled each time.

Let’s Talk More About Its Performance and Efficiency

style your hair

The Coanda airflow is really smart – it uses air to pull the hair right to the brush or barrel. That helps it style your hair faster with less heat damage.

It also has a “cool shot” button that blasts cool air after to set the style. That’s great if you want curls or volume to last all day, even when it’s humid out.

This thing is pretty power-efficient too. Even though it works fast and strong, it doesn’t use as much energy as other dryers and tools. Plus it heats up and cools down quicker so you don’t waste time waiting.

A lot of people find it styles their hair way faster than other things. And it can even handle thick or curly hair well without cranking the heat way up.

Cutting down time is always nice, but it’s also healthier for your hair in the long run. Seems like this Airwrap gives salon results without as much damage from heat or time spent styling.

So, Is the Hype Justified?

straight hair

Ever since I got the Dyson Airwrap, it’s been a total game-changer for how I do my hair!

There are so many attachments that I can totally switch up my style whenever I want. One day I can have big curls, then the next day sleek and straight – all without finding another tool. Such a time saver!

And man, does this thing perform. The Coanda airflow really pulls my hair to the brush or barrel instead of just blowing hot air on it. That means way less heat damage, which is key for me since I have long hair that can get frizzy. It leaves my hair so smooth and healthy-looking.

It also styles my hair way faster than other dryers or tools. And the cool shot really makes sure my style lasts all day. My morning routine is a breeze now.

Between how easy it is to use, the great results, and saving me so much time, I’m totally sold on this Airwrap. If you’re thinking of getting one, I’d say don’t hesitate – it’s totally worth the price.

Aqsa Logan

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